Making hope contagious.

Lifeblood is about nothing less than total life transformation. This set of films, video, and curriculum is a constantly evolving project designed to reach out to people who may have lost hope as a result of addiction, incarceration or other major life challenges. 

strategy development through production design

“I would gladly participate in whatever capacity to help facilitate a positive change in the lives of these my fellow inmates”.

     -Lure H.

trailer : men's video curriculum 

“With the introduction of LifeBlood into Australia this program will help a lot of Indigenous men. I know and believe that Indigenous men are influenced by the African-American “Gangsta” lifestyle. Because I used to be one of them and thought like that”. 

-Eccles M.


women's curriculum

trailer : women's video curriculum 

“Maybe if there was something like this run in prison when I was young, it could have turned my life around a lot sooner than later. LifeBlood could help some younger kids now, before they go down the same road I did”.

- Mark L.

trailer : youth live event

live event concept development