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Compelling communications that connects 
message with meaning. That's my story.

Brand communications director, designer and artist- shaping strategy & creating new works both regionally and nationally. My experience and unwavering passion for impactful visual communications have allowed me to create a myriad of successful brands, memorable campaigns and compelling visual media. 

Creating works of fine arts with message & meaning
After creating art for two decades this book is a fusion of faith & life.

"The book Like a Prayer reflects a beautiful sense of wonder found in God's creation through hundreds of dynamic artworks. It is an engaging showcase of Scott Sample's art, exploring personal faith, thought, and meaning. Over a decade of creating unique pieces in series and collections are now for the first time shown compete with artist prose in this beautiful book."  Publisher Review 

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Whether through art or integrated communications it's all about moving hearts through message and meaning. 
Let's start creating.

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